Sunday, January 26, 2014

Triage X Volume 5 Review

So I just got my copy of Triage X Volume 5 from Amazon, and I figured I'd give anyone still keeping up with this site a review. By the way, if you want to read new chapters of Triage X you should buy this volume; I don't think there will ever be a scanlation now.

First off, I'd like to talk about the Yen Press edition itself. This is the first Yen Press item I've purchased since HOTD Volume 3, and I have to say I'm impressed by the amount of improvement here. One thing I really like is that the color page is a pullout just like the Japanese version.

The quality is still cheaper than Japanese manga (most noticeable in the rough paper and lack of a dust jacket), but it's vastly better than the first HOTD volume. I also think the black and white levels can improve a little. As you can see below, the greys are pretty well intact, but I think a little bit of detail is still being lost (again, though, not nearly as bad as early HOTD volumes).

Overall I'm very happy with the work Yen press is doing. The translations were great, and I love the way they do SFX. This was a pleasurable reading experience.

Now onto Volume 5 itself.

I (like many of my readers) spoiled the story for myself a bit by looking at the raws when they originally came out in Japan. Maybe that was why I didn't feel like a lot happened in this volume. Then again I do remember the NEO TV crisis dragging out for quite a while.

These chapters are largely centered around setting up the new arc and introducing a new adversary for the Black Label group. The Hunting Party is an organization bent on exposing humans for the animals they are--namely those in the Black Label--and are led by Wild Hunt.

Even if it is all exposition, this chapter has everything you love in this series: action, comedy, and plenty of fanservice. And of course it has that certain grittiness Shouji Sato is so keen to weave into his series. Innocent people die and gloom hangs over each panel. One characteristic of Sato-sensei's work that is notably absent is nudity. There's only one nipple in the entire book.

Unfortunately, this lonely milk missile leads into a painfully absurd and somewhat contrived scene where all of the captive females fight over who gets to become the personal love toy of the bad guy. It's ridiculous in terms of the story, but I guess it's great if you're a big H fan.

Other than that little hitch in the story's flow, this was a decent volume. It's definitely far from my favorite, but I do look forward to what it sets up.

I noticed this otaku who looks suspiciously like Kohta from HOTD from behind. If you look closely, you'll notice that the figure on the left of his desk seems to be Saya.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Certain Around 30's Delusions c1-2

Here's two chapters (or a two-part oneshot? I'm not really sure if there will be more or not) of an ecchi series by Kuon Makoto that were in Dragon Age over the summer. It was so refreshing seeing something in the magazine that didn't involve teenage girls accidentally showing their boobs and panties that I had to scanlate it.

Warning: Both chapters contain adult material (including borderline bestiality, sort of). I think the picture should speak for itself. Nothing too 18+, but I wouldn't read it with your mom/significant other in the room. Just picture if one of the girls in tentacle-rape hentai (oh come on, you know what I'm talking about) really liked the tentacles... Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A special thanks to DEUS, the translator who was so kind as to lend me his skills for these. He will be helping me out now, so hopefully I'll be able to get releases out just a bit more frequently than before.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

October Raws and Announcement

Big-boob Glasses-san got the food and is all ready to serve her boss-chan. Too bad M-sama needs a new toy.

Triage X c39 raw

It really doesn't look like this series will be picked up, so to continue reading I would suggest you go buy Volume 5 on Amazon. It may or may not ship early (official release is Jan. 2014).

Remember that time back in high school when you slept over at your young, hot teacher's apartment for private lessons and you accidentally saw her panties a lot and accidentally made her rather large breasts pop out? Me neither. Takeru, you lucky bastard...

Maken-Ki! c63 raw

I've been anticipating this for a while and have thus been hinting at it, but it's time to make the official announcement: I will no longer be getting Monthly Dragon Age each month. This means I will no longer be posting raws of Maken-Ki! and Triage X. I hope you will all understand. I'll still try to keep up with any relevant news and post it here, but it won't be quite the same when I don't have the original source. This was a necessary move for me, so please don't hold it against me.

Necro;Chronicle will hopefully be done soon.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monthly Dragon Age - October (9/9/2013)

No HOTD news. Nope. Nothing. Not this time. (I'm running out of ways to say this.)

So straight on to other things: A staggering three different series ended this month. The first one, Full Metal Panic! Sigma isn't a big surprise since it has been rather sporadic lately. It ends it's long run (for a DA series) on its 88th chapter with color pages. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai (So, I can't be H) also ended, which is also not too surprising considering series that rely heavily on ecchi and fanservice don't usually last too long.

A little more surprising is the third series to meet its end, Omamori Himari. The series got the honor of the front cover and the opening spot with color pages for its farewell to the manga world. I didn't expect this, but then again 75 chapters is a pretty good run for a monthly DA series. I actually stopped reading around c50, but it was a fun series with a nice balance of ecchi and action. The scanlation (by Vortex) is still about 10 chapters behind, so readers will have to wait a bit to see who Yuuto ends up with.

Vito asked me to scan this:

I'm not sure what series it's from, but there you go.

Necro;Chronicle c4 is coming, though I'm not sure when. I have everything done, just waiting on the translations. Chapter 5 was out this month, but the series is taking a one-month break; so c6 will be out in November. It'll probably be tomorrow before I get the monthly raws up.

Surprisingly enough, this issue was quite clean by Dragon Age standards. For your smut of the month, I just chose the picture with the most nude girls. I guess this also works as a farewell salute to Omamori Himari.

How all harem manga should end.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

HOTD and Triage X: Answering Questions

Over the last year or so I've been getting a lot of questions that have increased in frequency of late as to when/if I will continue the Triage X (and HOTD to an increasingly lesser extent) scanlations. I think my answers have been a little vague, but the truth is I wasn't really sure what I was going to do until recently. It's time to bring you some clarity.

First off, I've been saying this more or less for a while, but I guess I can make it official: I will no longer be involved in scanlating HOTD or providing related raw scans--that is, aside from illustrations and stuff that appear in Dragon Age. Now that Yen Press will be releasing chapters right away and even selling their versions of other material like the art book, there is no reason for me to continue. I'll continue to give you links to new chapters and of course updates on any news out of Japan, but I will not allow any link to free pirated versions of Yen Press' published material on this site.

That was an easy decision; Triage X, on the other hand, gave me a lot more trouble. As some of you know, I've been struggling to find a translator for the series for some time now with no luck. All the while Yen Press has been slowly catching up on their releases. Since YP releases a volume every 3 months or so and a new Japanese volume comes out every 5 months roughly, I think it's safe to assume the official translations will catch up to the Japanese at some point and simultaneous monthly chapters are a logical step after that. Because of this, my inability to find interested translators, and my general desire to move away from licensed series I have decided to officially drop Triage X. I will still give you monthly raws (for a while at least), but scanlation will not continue as far as I'm concerned.

So to make it clear: I will no longer be involved in scanlating HOTD or Triage X. I have officially dropped both series. I will continue to bring you news and announcements about both series, though.

I'm not closing shop just yet. I still have Necro;Chronicle and Maken-Ki! Kai!! and I have a few things that I may get to in the future (even one for HOTD fans). And of course, monthly Dragon Age updates will continue as long as I can afford it or enough donations come in. Really not much has changed except that I took a few links down and I can now give a definite answer to the questions I'm getting.

For good measure I've decided to start helping English-speaking fans find official material and support the series, so I'll be providing links to the products. Here are the latest releases for each series on Amazon:

Triage X Volume 3 (latest release)
Triage X Volume 5 (pre-order)

HOTD Act.30
HOTD Color Omnibus 2 (pre-order)

I know some of you will be disappointed, but please try to keep comments civil. I am a human being living in the real world, and I'm doing my best to balance this hobby from my college days with real life.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monthly Raws - September

The astute Star Wars fan will notice that Mikoto is wearing the famous Slave Leia outfit (sans loincloth). That must mean the tentacle monster she's being raped by is the Sarlacc?

Triage X c38 raw

Ouken's grandchildren are back, and they brought reinforcements. It's not exactly clear if this is the beginning of a new arc or a continuation of the last one. We'll see.

Maken-Ki! c62 raw

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monthly Dragon Age - September (8/9/2013)

It's so refreshing to see Shouji Sato art on the cover again. Too bad it's not for a different series... That's right, no news on HOTD this month. It definitely won't be back next month.

There was this ad, though, that was also kind of refreshing. If nothing else, it's the first proper mention of anything related to HOTD since April. Before you get excited, this is just an advertisement for the PS Vita adaptation of the new Highschool of the Dead pachi-slot game that has appearing in adult arcades across Japan. The Vita version will be out this October.


Dragon Age has been starting new series at an alarming rate over the last six months or so. I usually talk about those that look like they may be interesting enough to get picked up by a group someday. Well, I looked into some of these and discovered that Japanzai has recently started scanlating D.Y.N. Freaks and Inaba Rabbits, two series I've talked about. If you thought they sounded interesting, you can get them on their site, along with others I haven't mentioned (ex: The Day Haru-nee Did XX to Me). Now if only they will pick up Dolls Fall and Regards to Black Wife...

Just so you know, the dynamic of the Necro;Chronicle scanlation has changed a bit, which means it could take longer than usual to release c4 or it could take less time. The point is, I won't know how it's going to be until after we get this month's chapter done. Your monthly raws should be out by tomorrow.

Now that I've committed to the "monthly smut" I think it's time to explain it a bit. As many of you know, Japan's adult industry is more heavily regulated in some ways than in many Western countries. Namely, male and female sex organs must be subjected to varying degrees of censorship because they are considered obscene. I don't want to sound like I'm culturally narrow-minded, because I'm not, but I find it hilarious that in Japan you can't buy an adults-only movie without mosaics over the genitals but you can open up a manga magazine marketed towards teenagers and see an underage girl masturbating with a bidet. I understand the Western world has it's own brand of sexual hypocrisy rooted in orthodox Christianity, but this site is about Japanese manga, which is why I've committed to finding the lewdest, dirtiest scene (from an American perspective) in each issue and posting it. Think of it as my own private joke I'm sharing with all of you.

That being said, this month's winner (tentacle rape) will be in the new Triage X chapter, so I decided to go with the runner-up instead, even though it is relatively tame.

When you gotta go, you gotta go!